New Imoba 2024 (APK) v3.15 Latest Version Part 145 For Android

Mobile Legends Bang Bang (Mlbb) is a game of legends that only brave and fearless people can be able to handle in the arena of Mlbb Battle. The New Imoba 2024 is a new addition in the year 2024 for Mlbb group people. The New Imoba is helpful for all those players who are facing strong complications while playing with other challengers. There are many ways to improve yourself in the game. You need to do hard work to win games by competing with other centers. It’s not easy for every to get higher positions in the game without any skill. This Android application offers a handy hand to support Mlbb players to get new skills to get their game into higher ranks.

What is New Imoba 2024?

The gaming application is an Android-based app for Mlbb gamers and contains limitless features to acquire all new gaming skills. This newly learned skill may improve players’ gaming techniques and help them throughout the game. New Imoba 2024 secures advanced skins for Mlbb players that help players create attractive characters for heroes. The updated 2024 version of the Imoba has many more features than its old version. By using the app’s features you can make a strong reputation of yourself in the Mlbb arena. Furthermore, other advanced features of the application allow you to learn more about Mlbb.

The auto headshot features of the application assist players with targeting opponents. ESP menu, Aimlock Menu, Aimbot, and Drone views are listed in its advanced categories. Introducing the 2X, 3X, 4.5X, and potent 5X drones from our new Menu Drones series. Your gaming is improved with these drones. But hold on! Enjoy features like over 5000 gems, all emotes, music, a fancy loading screen, 10 beautiful backgrounds, and even spam chat with our Effect Menu. Your game gets even better with Effect Respawn, plus you receive recalls and eliminations.

Key Features of the Reborn Imoba

Unrestricted Gaming Features

Master a variety of sophisticated gaming strategies and tactics to rule the MLBB domain.

Pro Skins

Customize your heroes with a wide range of skins to create distinctive and compelling personas.

Improved Version

The 2024 update brings many improvements over the previous version.

Create Your Legacy

Make use of the tools available in the app to become well-known and powerful in the MLBB community.

Auto Headshots

Acquire a competitive advantage by using the auto headshot tool, which makes it possible to target opponents precisely.

Advanced Arsenal

To take your gameplay to new levels, check out the ESP menu, Aimlock menu, Aimbot, and Drone views.

Menu Drones Series

Boost your gaming prowess by unleashing the power of the 2X, 3X, 4.5X, and powerful 5X drones.

Effect menu

Enjoy an amazing Effect Menu Extravaganza with over 5000 jewels, all emotes, music, and an eye-catching loading screen.

Aesthetic Delight

To create the ideal game atmosphere, choose from ten exquisite backdrops.

Improved gaming

Make the most of Effect Respawn to guarantee smooth gaming during recalls and eliminations.

How to use the apk?

On your device, install the New Imoba 2024 APK.

Instant access to countless gaming features

Adorn heroes with sophisticated skins.

Win MLBB games by using accurate targeting.

What’s new in the latest version of Imoba APK 2024?

Players may anticipate better gaming experiences in the 2024 edition thanks to improved hero skins and cutting-edge features like auto headshot targeting. Aimbot, Aimlock Menu, ESP menu, and drone views are just a few of the new tools included in the update to take gameplay to previously unheard-of heights.


In summary, New Imoba 2024 elevates MLBB gameplay to new heights of enjoyment and skill by including cutting-edge features and advancements. Welcome to the mobile game of the future with the New Imoba 2024 APK.

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